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logos for brands we carry including Billy Goat, Exmark and Stihl

Your Best Local Resource
for eXmark and STIHL Products

Here at Lake Carroll Lawn Equipment, we're your go-to provider for quality lawn care equipment that goes above and beyond. We house the best brands out there like eXmark and STIHL because we stand behind the results they offer. It's our goal to help our clients spend less time working in the yard and more time enjoying it. That's why we embrace real equipment that produces real results. You can find any make and model of lawn mowers, chainsaws, shears and more at our onsite location at 1111 Bankhead Hwy # 13 in Carrollton, GA.

We perform all warranty work for eXmark and STIHL products as well as service and repair all makes of lawn care equipment. So what are you waiting for? Start having the lawn you want by getting the supplies you need. Visit us today to to find the best equipment at competitive prices.

Why Choose

Simple. We work hard to connect you with the best lawn care equipment for your needs at prices you can afford. Our staff members are friendly, dedicated and highly knowledgeable about what goes into lawn care duties and the tools that can assist you in achieving the lawn you've always wanted.

Not sure where to begin? Or what's the best bang for you buck? Don't let that deter you! Our experts are here to be your guide. We guarantee that our lawn care equipment is the best your money can buy. The result? A stunning outdoor space that will be envy of your neighbors.

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logos for brands we carry including Billy Goat, Exmark and Stihl

Lawn Care

Let's talk about lawn care equipment. It's the key to having the outdoor space you want which is why it's important to invest in quality items. Here at Lake Carroll Lawn Equipment, we house a variety of mowers, chainsaws, weeders and pretty much anything you need to get the job done!

A Few

Beyond just keeping up on your lawn care maintenance, one suggestion we encourage is to avoid cutting your grass too short which leaves it vulnerable to the sun. Be sure to keep your lawn mower blade sharpened and adjust your mower height accordingly. Finally, consider having your lawn fertilized on a regular basis for optimal growth.

1111 Bankhead Hwy # 13
Carrollton, GA 30117

Why It's Worth
The Investment

Like we've said before, what really sets us apart here at Lake Carroll Lawn Equipment is the sheer quality of the products we offer. Our brands include eXmark, STIHL and Billy goat to name a few. Why? Because we know the worth of these brands and the stunning results they produce. So why is it worth the investment? Let's put it this way. When you invest in an average push mower for a large to medium-sized yard, the work and sweat on your back just simply won't cut it....literally. Cheap push mowers have a high damage rate---and when you consider the expense in repairs and replacements is it really worth it? No. In contrast, when you invest in a quality mower, you save so much time and energy and hefty repairs down the line. Think of it this way: if you have to buy a new "cheap" mower even once, you've just spent more than what it would have cost to invest in a quality mower.

So don't waste another stressful Saturday on clunker mowers and cheap lawn care equipment; get the real bang for your buck with Lake Carroll Lawn Equipment.

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